Maggie Dubris is a writer and sound artist based in New York City. She worked for 25 years as a 911 paramedic in the Times Square/Hell’s Kitchen area, and much of her work draws on that experience. She has also worked as a professional hypnotist and a martial arts health care specialist for Kids Kicking Cancer, and is currently employed as a paramedic on film and TV sets. Maggie is the author of BrokeDown Palace (coming from Subpress in November 2019), In The Dust Zone (with artist Scott Gillis), Skels, Weep Not, My Wanton, and WillieWorld. Her work has been featured in David Gordon’s America and Mabou Mines’ Song For New York, and she has published in numerous literary magazines.

For most of the 1990s Maggie was a main songwriter and guitarist for the all-female extravaganza, Homer Erotic, which released two CDs,Yield and Homerica the Beautiful. After the group disbanded in 2000, she became part of a loose-knit, nationwide communtity of songwriter/musicians who collaborate on writing, recording and performing. She also began creating soundscapes that have been featured in exhibitions in New York City, Newark NJ, Pittsburgh PA, and Portland OR. In 2016 she took a field recording course in the Sierra Nevada and was certified as a Natural Sound Recordist by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. In 2018 Maggie was artist-in-residence at the Goetteman Residency in Gloucester, MA, and spent a month doing underwater recording with hydrophone as well as field recording at historic maritime sites.

Maggie’s current projects include Blue Carousel, a collaboration spotlighting ocean overfishing, with the artist Linda Byrne; Sounds of Rocky Neck, composed mainly of sounds recorded in Gloucester and slowed to the speed a bird would hear them; and an urban sound project with composer Pete M. Wyer honoring Walt Whitman. A new book that is so far merely a wisp of a fog of an idea is floating beneath her consciousness, and she hopes it will emerge in the next few months. After which, given her usual writing speed, it will reach its final form and burst forth into the world in about ten years.