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In The Dust Zone

By Maggie Dubris and Scott Gillis

This illustrated book, named one of the ten best poetry books of 2010 by is available as a book, an ibook, or a Barnes & Noble nook book



a novel by Maggie Dubris

Skels, Maggie Dubris's first novel, is drawn from her experience as a 911 paramedic in the 1980s. It received a rave review in the New York Times Book Review.


Weep Not, My Wanton

This last book published by John Martin's legendary Black Sparrow Press contains 8 stories, the epic poem WillieWorld, and the series of linked poems, Toilers of the Sea.


Phoenix the Egg Kindler downloads

 Phoenix the Egg Kindler was recorded and mixed by me, Maggie Dubris, entirely in Garageband, on a cheap USB mic in my apartment in the East Village.


Welcome to WillieWorld CD

This CD was released in 2001 and is a recording of music by composer Andy Teirstein and excerpts from the long poem WillieWorld read by Maggie Dubris.


Homerica the Beautiful

by Homer Erotic


Homer Erotic was a 7 piece all-female extravaganza who performed throughout the nineties. This full length CD was produced by Bobby Previte.


Yield EP

Homer Erotic


Homer Erotic's first release, a 4 song EP that includes the classic song Criminal!


The Dish That Flew Away

Rachel Barker, Bill Gerstel, and Maggie Dubris

The Dish That Flew Away's only CD was recorded on a four-track analogue machine in 1989, in Sean Daly's now defunct Benzedream studio in Staten Island.



Welcome To WillieWorld (raw)

Audio Download

Poet/paramedic Maggie Dubris reads Welcome to WillieWorld, from the book-length poem WillieWorld


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