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photo by Robin Michels of Maggie Dubris playing guitarphoto by Robin Michels


I've worked and continue to work with lots of wonderful musicians, including the violinist Lisa Gutkin, and my old bandmates Angela BabinBarbara Barg, Heather Ferguson, Suzanne Gallant, Andrea Pierotti and Sara Wendt. Other musicians I've collaborated with include Andy TeirsteinTim Milk and the British composer Rachel Barker.

Throughout the 90s, I was in the all-female extravaganza Homer Erotic, playing guitar and writing songs.

Here we are, hanging out before playing at the Heat Wave Festival in Tampa.


Here's the video for a song I wrote with Sara Wendt called Ebola Militia. 



You can go to my youtube channel to see more music videos of Homer Erotic and some songs I did with Rachel Barker.

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