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Hypnotic and trance states have been used for centuries by shamans, mystics and visionaries. Hypnosis allows a person to easily access a creative flow state, and can be used to generate images, to increase creative focus, to switch gears from a day job into writing, and to circumvent creative blocks. It enables the writer to stay engaged with his or her creative project, to get in touch with inner sources of inspiration, and to maintain a joyful creativity. In conjunction with other tools such as automatic writing, hypnosis can jar loose startling and beautiful subconscious imagery that can be woven into more consciously structured work.


Maggie Dubris worked for ten years as a professional hypnotist in New York City. In addition to leading workshops and working with private clients, she created these hypnosis CDs especially for writers, artists, and musicians.  The CDs are now available as downloads at iTunes and Here are some links to the audible downloads. She is no longer doing private hypnosis, is always making new tracks, so check back!



Overcome performance anxiety using hypnosis.



Use hypnosis to break through to new levels in your creative work.


Connect to new levels in your writing using the power of hypnosis.



Use this download to stay inspired and focused on your novel.


Similar to the Inspired Novel download, but can be applied to any writing project.


Use this download to blast through common creative blocks and create a flow state.


Use hypnosis to discover your own creative path.


In this past life regression you will explore joyful past lives where you were creative.

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